Service Agreement

Service Agreement

Terms and Conditions
WTM Travels facilitates pilgrims through travel management services for Umrah and Ziyaraat of Masoomeen A.S. The following terms and conditions (terms) are framed for all the participating pilgrims. It is compulsory for every pilgrim to strictly abide by these terms.

General instructions
The pilgrim(s) seeking to use the services of WTM Travels shall abide by the terms and conditions listed herein and also follow all other instructions that may be issued / announced from time to time once the pilgrim registers with WTM Travels and during and until end of the period of travel.

  • In view of Group safety and well-being WTM Travels reserves the right to reject or exclude any pilgrim before or during the journey for which WTM Travels is not bound to give reasons.
  • For the purpose of management and administration, WTM Travels will assign a Group Leader who will make best efforts for:
    • The well-being of the group during the journey; group interest will be given priority over individual interest.
    • Managing the group within the offering of the package announced by WTM Travels, including all aspects of travel, transfers, meals and lodging for the pilgrims during the travel starting from Karachi Airport, till the time the group returns to Karachi Airport after the pilgrimage.
  • The Group Leader is not responsible for the following:
    • All issues relating to immigration, customs, or any other matters at the entry and exit points, check posts, and border crossings.
    • For baggage handling at airports, hotels, and during transfers.
    • For loss of any personal property including goods, baggage and or money during the journey.
  • However all reasonable efforts will be made to assist the pilgrims so as to make the pilgrimage as comfortable as possible.
  • For the purpose of facilitation, the Group Leader may have a team of volunteers that will assist the pilgrims during the pilgrimage.
  • The Group Leader and his team shall endeavor to meet all reasonable requests made by the pilgrims to make the pilgrimage as comfortable as possible.
  • In the same spirit, the pilgrims are expected to fully cooperate with the Group Leader and his team and follow their instructions and announcements.
  • The timetable for visits to the holy shrines and other places will be announced by the Group Leader. Punctuality is very important.  Attendance at declared places on time necessary to avoid delays. Pilgrims are further requested to keep group interest above their own.
  • To ensure modesty during the pilgrimage ladies are requested to wear proper hijab (scarf, chaadar and socks) throughout the pilgrimage journey. Without proper hijab, (Iranian type chaadar) ladies are not allowed entry into any Haram.
  • The pilgrims should maintain brotherly relations with each other. As per “Adab e Safar” they should be courteous and always give preference to other pilgrims over themselves.

Payments and Financial Responsibility
The announced package cost may be collected in two installments by WTM Travels at the sole discretion of WTM Travels.

  • Collection in Pakistan will be in Pakistani Rupees while the balance amount in US dollars will be collected during the travel in US dollars by the Group Leader.
  • WTM Travels is responsible for only the following specific expenses during the pilgrimage, air fare for the announced itinerary, visa fees, road transport to and from airports and at the pilgrimage destination, inter-city group travel for the purpose of pilgrimage, lodging and provision of three meals a day.
  • Pilgrims are required to manage on their own all other expenses such as cost of SIM, phone cards, laundry, taxi and handcarts etc.
  • In case of extension of stay due to unavoidable circumstances, the pilgrims will be additionally charged for the actual cost of the extended stay.
  • In case, any pilgrim decides to drop out from group before its departure for any reason, he / she will be charged for expenses incurred on his / her account till date and balance amount if any, will be refunded.

Pilgrims are provided with group baggage identification tags, which are to be attached to their check-in and hand baggage. This helps identify baggage at airports, during road trips and hotel check-in and checkout.

  • Pilgrims should follow the baggage rules of the respective airlines they are traveling on.
  • In case of excess baggage, the pilgrim will have to pay baggage charges to the airline as well as all custom duties, if levied.
  • WTM Travels is not responsible for any lost or delayed baggage. However, our Group Leader / volunteers will assist pilgrims at boarding counters at airports for smooth movement.
  • In case of lost baggage the pilgrim will have to file a ‘loss of baggage’ report with the airline and do the follow-up with the airline himself / herself.

Boarding and Lodging
Hotel accommodation arranged does not necessarily bear a “Star” rating. However the hotels arranged will be clean, comfortable and reasonable in size. These hotels are within convenient walking distance from the Haram.

  • The Group Leader will allocate the rooms. He will make all reasonable efforts to meet the accommodation needs of all pilgrims. Elderly pilgrims, families with small children, and pilgrims with special needs may be given priority and preference in rooms’ allocation. In case of any problem / issues with allotted rooms, pilgrims are expected to remain patient and contact the Group Leader only after all the rooms have been allotted. The Group Leader will make all reasonable efforts to meet the pilgrim’s reasonable request keeping in view the resource constraints.
  • The pilgrims shall stay in the rooms of the hotels as allocated by the Group Leader. The hotel accommodation may be in two, three or four beds per rooms. The pilgrims shall not stay at places other than the accommodation chosen by the Group Leader or move away from the group.
  • In case of pilgrims travelling alone the Group Leader will select room-mates.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the group will be served at the restaurant of the hotel where the pilgrims are staying or at any other location and timings that the Group Leader announces.
  • Meal timings and locations are to be observed. In case of a missed meal reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the pilgrim, however no rebate / refund claim will be entertained.
  • In case the Group Leader is not able to arrange for meals, allocated payment for that meal will be distributed within the group.

Ground Transport

  • Buses will be available for inter-city as well as pilgrimage of surrounding places at announced hours. The pilgrims shall observe the time schedule set by the Group Leader. Those who fail to reach the bus at the announced time will have to make their own arrangements.
  • The Group Leader shall list the names of pilgrims that will ride in a particular bus (in case more than one bus is arranged).
  • A bus numbers may be allotted to each pilgrim and the pilgrim shall travel in the allocated bus unless otherwise instructed. This allows the Group Leader to manage transportation effectively.
  • Preference must be given to ladies, children and elderly persons while getting in and out of the buses.
  • Male pilgrims shall sit in the front part of the bus while female pilgrims shall sit in rear portion.
  • In case of long bus journey the pilgrims may carry some snacks and drinks with them, however the pilgrims are responsible for picking up their garbage and to dispose it at the end of the journey


  • The visa application forms (as prescribed by the respective embassies) are filled in with due care and sense of responsibility. However, if any application is rejected for whatsoever reason, WTM Travels shall not be held responsible.
  • WTM Travels hopes that every pilgrim returns home in good health. However, in case of illness or death in the foreign land the matter will be dealt with by the Group Leader, at his sole discretion, according to the circumstances, facilities and the law of the country. WTM Travels, the Group Leader or any other team member is not liable and cannot be held liable or responsible during or after the pilgrimage in this matter.
  • WTM Travels assumes no responsibility for any action of the foreign states against an individual pilgrim or a pilgrim family for any alleged offence whatsoever.
  • Feeble, disabled and persons exceeding age of 60 years and children below 18 years must be accompanied by a person who shall take responsibility for their movement and carrying their baggage.
  • The pilgrims are required to abide by all the laws of Pakistan and the countries they will be visiting.


Responsibility and Liability
WTM Travels endeavours to assist and guide the pilgrims to perform Umrah and Ziyaraat of Masoomeen A.S. with best possible ease, comfort and safety. However, we act only as an intermediary  between the pilgrims and the airlines, hotels, bus charter companies and other agencies (hereinafter referred to as the “suppliers”), and cannot be held responsible in any manner nor assume any liability, whatsoever for any delays, changes, modifications, negligence, omissions or cancellations on part of the suppliers or the agents or as a direct result of an Act of God, military or civil government authorities or due to the breakdown of machine or equipment or due to civil commotion or disturbance, strike, riots or war, whether declared or not or due to any other cause which is beyond the control of the suppliers and / or WTM Travels.

Furthermore, WTM Travels is not responsible in any way, nor do we assume any liability whatsoever for any damages, personal injuries, accidents, illness, loss of life, thefts or losses or any delays, trip cancellation / interruption, baggage loss, accident, improper travel or health documents, travel or medical insurance coverage for individual pilgrims or the Group.

The travel plan may change due to unforseen situations, delays, modification, revision or cancellation, for which WTM Travels shall not be held responsible.

Those who are suffering from illness should notify WTM Travels in writing in advance so that we may try to make adequate arrangements, without taking on any responsibility or liability.

WTM Travels and its management are authorised, at their sole discretion, to incur any and all expenses it considers to be reasonably required for the pilgrimage and these charges and expenses shall be unquestioningly and unreservedly accepted by the pilgrim.

I have read and understood above terms and conditions and solemnly affirm to abide by them as well as the instructions of the Group Leader.